What is Stay-form?

Due to the relatively light-gage material of which Stay-form is fabricated, sheets may be readily cut lengthwise with hand shears and cross-wise by initially snipping the ribs along the path of the cut and bending the sheet at the cut to open up the ribs. Then the grid web between the cut-ribs can be readily cut with hand shears. Openings to accommodate conduit and rods may be made with an "X" cut at the center of conduit entry.

Stay-form may also be cut in multiples of the same size with a "skill" saw fitted with an abrasive blade.

Since Stay-form is only fabricated from hot-dipped, pre-galvanized sheet stock, it can be stored on site for appreciable periods without significant deterioration.

No special formulation of concrete is necessary when formed with Stay-form. It works best with a 3" - 4" slump although a slump of up to 6" may be used with proper precautions.

The ribs of Stay-form may be placed in either a vertical or horizontal position dependent on the orientation of the supporting structure but in any event, best results are obtained when the ribs are placed so that they project in the direction towards the first pour.

Use of Stay-form as a building material enhances the quality of a pour by allowing visual inspection of the mix coming through the openings but without appreciable grout loss.

If you have any questions or might be interested in a sample or list of users, please feel free to call on us. Remember, the money you save by using Stay-form may be the difference in being low bidder and having a profit on a job.

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