What is Stay-form?


AMICO Stay-form is fabricated from hotdipped galvanized coiled sheet steel of 26 ga. thickness for standard grade material at 27" x 97" finished sheet size and of 25 ga. sheet for heavy grade material at 27" x 97 " finished sheet size. These are standard dimensions and stocked material will conform to the standards.

Stay-form is formed by lancing and expanding galvanized sheet steel in such a pattern as to allow the subsequent formation of solid sheet V-Ribs of 3/4" depth running parallel to the length of sheet and spaced 3-7/8" apart. That area of Stay-form that covers the space between adjacent ribs comprises the expanded mesh portion of the piece with a mesh opening size of approximately 15/64" x 3/8" and being of a parallelogram shape.

Stay-form is heavily used as a bulkhead form and being lighter than plywood or steel sheeting, is easier and faster to place.

Construction joints are easily made with Stay-form. Either side of Stay-form provides a substantial key for bonding abutting pour faces-especially so when the mix is of sufficient viscosity to cause small protrusions of the pour to project through the mesh to the opposite side causing such surface irregularities as to provide a made-to-order key for the pour interface. Consequently, no chipping or other joint preparation is necessary. Usually, Stay-form is positioned with its ribs protruding into the pour that is placed first.

Stay-form is particularly efficient when used for forming joints in constructing concrete block foundation rafts. Because of STAYFORM'S open grid, it aids in the dissipation of the concrete's heat of hydration, hence, minimizing the danger of cracking due to this cause. When used for this purpose, the natural keying action of Stay-form maintains the continuity of stress resisting capabilities of the mat from one raft to another.

To erect a partition of Stay-form, side adjoining sheets should be lapped and wire-tied at approximately 6" O.C. with 16 ga. soft galvanized tie wire. End adjoining sheets should be lapped 2" and lap should occur over a support. If an end lap should occur between supports, such lap should be of 4 inches length. End laps, of course should be secured with wire-tying just as side laps.

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