Shotcrete and Gunite

Installation Techniques:

   Shot-form is generally applied directly to rebar mats or frames when these can be shot from both sides. These frames can be formed and shaped into the approximate desired shape of the finished wall. To this formwork or grid the contractor ties Shot-form sheets to cover the entire surface that will be sprayed with shotcrete. In most cases the concrete is shot onto the surface of the reinforcing steel and stopped by the Shot-form that has been applied to the back of the rebar mat. The goal here is to fully embed the reinforcing steel. Many times a second application of concrete is sprayed to the backside of the Shot-form as a subsequent operation. This produces a wall equal to the total thickness of both shotcrete applications.

   Some installations allow for concrete applications to only one side of the Shot-form. In these applications, spacers such as high chairs are used to space the Shot-form the required distance from the rebar mat. Once the reinforcing steel is in place, the shotcrete application can begin.

   The Shot-form is often placed against grade for this application, and since it does not have to be stripped it simply stays in place and can be fully covered, if required.

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