Pile Caps and Grade Beams

Installation Techniques:

Installation of Stay-form grade beams and pile caps is one of the simplest of forming operations. Most installations involve the use of lumber or rebar for vertical supports. These are spaced in accordance with the AMICO Stay-form load table and driven into stable grade until they are firm and unmoving. To these vertical supports the Stay-form is attached horizontally, utilizing roofing nails, staples or similar fasteners in wood supports, or tie wire on rebar supports. The ribs of the Stay-form should always be oriented perpendicular to the supports. Ribs should point into the pour. For pours greater than the width of the Stay-form, (27 inches) sheets are simply lapped one or two ribs. Where sheets overlap at the end of the sheet, the lap should be 3 to 4 inches in length and a vertical support should always be located at these vertical laps. Where a finished smooth edge is desired a strip of plywood or lumber can be used to form the top edge of the grade beams and pile caps. This extra step is seldom done because the grade beams and pile caps are covered with a slab.

Attention must be given to stabilizing the form and preventing the pile cap or grade beam forms from spreading out at the top when the concrete is placed. This is accomplished in several very simple ways. Many contractors take a 2 X 4 and drill holes to correspond with the vertical rebar supports. Lumber can then be placed over opposite facing rebar to span the width of the form, thus preventing spreading. By increasing the length of the wood it can overhang the adjoining grade and be anchored using additional lengths of rebar. This can also be accomplished by installing lumber kickers for stabilization when lumber is used for vertical supports. Stiff wires tied between opposite supports may be used to keep the forms from spreading. It soon becomes evident that the unlimited versatility of Stay-form offers many ways to accomplish these tasks.

The following details and photos depict some of the varied grade beam and pile cap applications in which Stay-form has been utilized as a form. In each of these jobs the contractors stated that tremendous amounts of time and money were saved on forming cost by using Stay-form. Additionally, they stated that Stay-formís reduced weight compared to plywood, making it easy to handle. Many commented that the ability to radius Stay-form made these types of forming projects easy to accomplish and profitable. The learning curve in the fabrication of Stay-form forms is very short. Laborers can be taught to form repetitively shaped forms in minutes. 

Try Stay-form for yourself and we are sure you will agree; no better forming material exists for grade beams and piles caps.

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