Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can a form with so many holes actually hold concrete?

A: Stay-form works surprisingly well in this regard. The concrete will actually have to be vibrated before an appreciable amount of grout will pass through the openings in the Stay-form. AMICO recommends that a three to five inch slump be used with Stay-form for best results. The contractor should vibrate the concrete until the grout blossoms through the Stay-form. This will leave a rough surface for the next pour when Stay-form is used as a bulkhead and provide reasonable assurances that all voids are eliminated. Stay-form is one of the few forms that allow visual inspection of the pour during concrete placement.

Q: What size sheets are available?

A: Stay-form is available in nominal size sheets 27-inches wide by 97-inches long. The width of the sheet cannot be changed, but longer lengths can be ordered as a special order, up to 12-feet. Non-standard lengths must be ordered in full pallets of 250 sheets and extended delivery dates can be expected.

Q: How is Stay-form packaged?

A: Stay-form is packaged in five sheet bundles, with 50 bundles or 250 sheets to a pallet. In terms of square feet, there are 18 square feet to a sheet and 4500 square feet to a pallet. AMICO ships only full pallets to its dealers, who sell in smaller quantities to the construction trade.

Q: How often must I support Stay-form and how much pressure will it withstand?

A: Complete loading information can be found in the detail and load table section of this web page. This section should answer any questions concerning loads and the accompanying details should explain how to build support mechanisms for each application. Specific technical questions not covered in these pages should be directed to AMICO Technical Services, 1-800-366-2642.

Q: Where can I buy Stay-form?

A: Stay-form is sold through a network of authorized stocking dealers. Within this web site you will locate a complete list of AMICO Stay-form dealers. Should you have any difficulty locating a Stay-form dealer in your area or if you are a concrete accessories or form dealer and would like to stock Stay-form please contact John Steiger, at 1-800-433-9945 or

Q: How do I cut Stay-form?

A: Stay-form is shipped in five sheet wire tied bundles. Multiple cuts of the same size can be cut with a circular saw with an abrasive metal cutting blade by cutting through the entire bundle. Single sheets can be cut with the above-mentioned saw or with metal cutting shears. Small holes for various penetrations can be cut with snips or by punching holes in the mesh using a sharpened piece of rebar.

Q: What engineering or test data is available for Stay-form?

A: Stay-form was testing by the Carlson Testing Laboratory for shear bond capacity. Results of this test can be found in the bulkhead section of this web site and in the literature section. Stay-form was found to have a 21% better shear bond capacity when compared to plywood formed joints that were scabbled or roughened to inch depth. Please review the entire report to see all the details.

Q: Can Stay-form be used to form blind sided or one-sided forms?

A: This type of specialty formwork is ideal for Stay-form. Many consider Stay-form to be the great forming problem solver, and blind side walls were one of the first problem forming areas addressed. Stay-form blind side forms have been installed with only inches between the form and existing structures or rock faces. Within the detail/load tables section of this site is a section specifically dealing with this type of form. You will find load tables and drawings in this section that will completely explain the process in detail.

Q: Can Stay-form be used in highway and bridge work?

A: Stay-form is frequently used in this type of work. It has been used to form bulkheads and edge forms on many bridges. Stay-form also works exceptionally well to form blockouts that are frequently found on bridge projects.

Q: How well does Stay-form perform as a backstop for Shotcrete?

A: Stay-form is often used in this type of application, and an entire section of this site is dedicated to shotcrete applications. Please review the shotcrete/gunite section for complete information. AMICO is a charter member of the American Shotcrete Association and a regular advertiser in Shotcrete Magazine.


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