Stay-form – A Product History


Stay-form was developed by Alabama Metal Industries Corporation (AMICO) in 1980 and introduced to the market for the first time at the World of Concrete Trade Show in 1981. It has been sold since that time throughout the world. To say that this product has been an overwhelming success would be an understatement. As a concrete forming problem solver it is second to none and many of the applications listed on this site were developed by and for contractors with serious forming dilemmas to solve. Blindside walls, column and beam pockets, blockouts, bulkheads with keyways and waterstop are all examples of forms that were difficult, and in some cases nearly impossible to form using traditional forms and methods. These applications have been made simple by the use of Stay-form.

Alabama Metal Industries Corporation is a widely diversified company established in Birmingham, Alabama in 1939. After doing its part in the war effort, AMICO started the production of metal lath, later to be followed by expanded metal, welded bar grating, vinyl beads, plank grating, computer flooring, fiberglass gratings and perforated metals. Alabama Metal Industries Corporation is a leader in every industry in which they are involved and the largest producer in many of their product lines.

AMICO’s mission statement is as follows: "AMICO is committed to providing quality products and quality service with a quality attitude. We will continue to strive for improvements in order to reach our goal of complete customer satisfaction." We at AMICO take this mission statement to heart and we will do everything possible to see that your dealings with our company are pleasant and rewarding.

We strongly believe that if you try Stay-form, you too will be sold on its attributes and will continue to use it in the future.

Stay-form, the concrete forming problem solver!


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