Bulkhead Forms

Installation Techniques:

Stay-form bulkheads are installed at a right angle to the rebar mats and fill the space from the grade or mud slab to the bottom edge of the steel cover. This cover usually takes the form of a piece of lumber that spans the distance from the top or bottom edge of the rebar mat to the top surface of the pour. In the case of walls, steel coverage may be required on both surfaces.

Stay-form can easily be notched to fit over the bottom and top mat of rebars. Tie wire is often used to connect the slit sections together below the mat. For relatively small pours, sections of scrap rebar are then placed vertically (or horizontally for wall applications), and then wire tied to the top and bottom mats. Spacing on the vertical supports can be determined by reviewing the load table located in the Stay-form detail manual.

For larger base pours, it might be necessary to use wooden or steel strongbacks or specially designed rebar sections as vertical supports. Generally, all other types of stud or waler supports are removed before subsequent pours. Stay-form is then attached to the supports using tie wire for metal supports or roofing nails, staples, tacks or similar fasteners for wooden supports. Fasteners are installed through the Stay-form into the supports from the first pour side. Sheets should be placed with ribs into the first pour and the flat backside of the sheet in contact with the supports.

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