Big Savage Mountain Tunnel

Big Savage Mountain Tunnel
Pittsburgh to Washington DC - Rail to Trail

Somerset County, PA
Frostburg, MD

Gannett Fleming, Inc.
209 Senate Ave.
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Attn: Paul Lewis
Phone: 717-763-7211
Fax: 717-763-8150

AWK Consulting Engineers, Inc.
10 Duff Road, Suite 304
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235
Attn: Jerry Valenti
Phone: 412-241-9601
Fax: 412-241-9608

General Contractor:
Advanced Construction Techniques
10495 Keele St .
Maple, ON L6A 1R7 Canada
Attn: Victor Chaisson
Phone: 905-832-9800
Fax: 905-832-9802

Type of Shotform Application:
Project manager Victor Chaisson used approximately 170,000sf of Shotform in rehabilitating this old railroad tunnel (3300' long x 20' high x 16' wide). Six men using ramset fasteners (1 3/4" & 2 1/2") installed roughly 750 sheets of Shotform a day (approximately ten days for total installation). The main tunnel cross section consisted of the existing tunnel lining, j-drain, Shotform, #4 rebar 12" on center, welded wire mesh and a minimum 2 1/2" Shotcrete liner.



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